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How to correct by Intracraneal Volume (ICV)

I'm going to suppose you did the pipeline thing over your MRI images and you already have the study_mri.csv file. The Freesurfer version I'm using makes an estimation of Intracraneal volume and the pipeline scripts put it as EstimatedTotalIntraCranialVol_eTIV into the results file.

Let's say we want to get the hippocampus volume (HV) correct by ICV. Then we must get Left and Right HV and calculate its medium value. HV = 0.5*(HVR+HVL)

Now first step is to fit a straight line for HV vs ICV and the ICV mean value (<ICV>). The adjusted HV will be aHV = HV - b*(ICV-<ICV>), with b as the regression coefficient of HV vs ICV

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