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Using ADNI data for Cusp model fitting

Simple way

Auditory Verbal Learning Test fitted with Whole gray matter and covariables.

 # Estevez-Gonzalez, A., Kulisevsky, J., Boltes, A., Otermin, P., & Garcia-Sanchez, C. (2003). 
 # Rey verbal learning test is a useful tool for differential diagnosis in the preclinical phase
 # of Alzheimer's disease: comparison with mild cognitive impairment and normal aging. 
 # International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 18 (11), 1021.
library(psych) #for composite scores
# Let's get the data
tmp_np <- merge(adas, neurobat, by=c("RID", "VISCODE") )
mt2fa <- merge(tmp_np, adnimerge, by=c("RID", "VISCODE") )
# Calculate the subject age at every point
mt2fa$vAGE = mt2fa$AGE + mt2fa$Years
data <- data.frame(mt2fa$WholeBrain, mt2fa$ICV, mt2fa$vAGE, mt2fa$PTGENDER, mt2fa$PTEDUCAT, mt2fa$AVDEL30MIN, mt2fa$AVDELTOT)
datac <- data[complete.cases(data),]
datac$WB = datac$mt2fa.WholeBrain/datac$mt2fa.ICV
fit_avd <- cusp(y ~ mt2fa.AVDEL30MIN, alpha ~ WB +mt2fa.vAGE + mt2fa.PTGENDER +mt2fa.PTEDUCAT, beta ~ WB +mt2fa.vAGE + mt2fa.PTGENDER +mt2fa.PTEDUCAT, datac)

Amazing results


Now let's compare the weights of each variable on the model. We need to translate everything to z-scores (or just do another linear transformation that carry every thing to comparable values)

datac$zWB = (datac$WB - mean(datac$WB))/sd(datac$WB)
datac$zAge = (datac$mt2fa.vAGE - mean(datac$mt2fa.vAGE))/sd(datac$mt2fa.vAGE)
datac$zEduc = (datac$mt2fa.PTEDUCAT - mean(datac$mt2fa.PTEDUCAT))/sd(datac$mt2fa.PTEDUCAT)
datac$zAVD = (datac$mt2fa.AVDEL30MIN - mean(datac$mt2fa.AVDEL30MIN))/sd(datac$mt2fa.AVDEL30MIN)
fit_avd_z <- cusp(y ~ zAVD, alpha ~ zWB + zAge + mt2fa.PTGENDER + zEduc, beta ~ zWB +zAge + mt2fa.PTGENDER + zEduc, datac)

The results are of course the same but the coefficients must be meaningful now,

Composite scores

First I'm going to try another NP test (Recognition)

fit_avr <- cusp(y ~ zAVR, alpha ~ zWB + zAge + mt2fa.PTGENDER + zEduc, beta ~ zWB +zAge + mt2fa.PTGENDER + zEduc, datac)

and this is not so good but still an improvement is done

Now, let's try a composite score

gfam <- data.frame(datac$zAVD, datac$zAVR)
famod <- fa(gfam, scores="regression")
datac$cs <- famod$scores
fit_cs <- cusp(y ~ cs, alpha ~ zWB + zAge + mt2fa.PTGENDER + zEduc, beta ~ zWB +zAge + mt2fa.PTGENDER + zEduc, datac)

And we get a not so good fit

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