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The set of software needed to run bioinformatic analysis is nicely described and summarized in one of GATK's articles entittled software required .

In summary, we will need the following software packages:

all of them are installed in Detritus, in the following directories:

  • bwa: /opt/exoma/bin/bwa
  • samtools: /opt/exoma/bin/samtools
  • htslib: /opt/exoma/bin/htslib-master
  • picard: /opt/exoma/bin/picard
  • GATK: /opt/exoma/bin/GATK
  • igv: /opt/exoma/bin/igv
  • R: /usr/bin/R /usr/lib64/R /usr/include/R /usr/share/R /usr/share/man/man1/R.1.gz
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