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Método para obtener las propiedades de la GPU

Tomado de CUDA by example

 * Copyright 1993-2010 NVIDIA Corporation.  All rights reserved.
 * NVIDIA Corporation and its licensors retain all intellectual property and 
 * proprietary rights in and to this software and related documentation. 
 * Any use, reproduction, disclosure, or distribution of this software 
 * and related documentation without an express license agreement from
 * NVIDIA Corporation is strictly prohibited.
 * Please refer to the applicable NVIDIA end user license agreement (EULA) 
 * associated with this source code for terms and conditions that govern 
 * your use of this NVIDIA software.
#include "book.h"
int main( void ) {
    cudaDeviceProp  prop;
    int count;
    HANDLE_ERROR( cudaGetDeviceCount( &count ) );
    for (int i=0; i< count; i++) {
        HANDLE_ERROR( cudaGetDeviceProperties( &prop, i ) );
        printf( "   --- General Information for device %d ---\n", i );
        printf( "Name:  %s\n", );
        printf( "Compute capability:  %d.%d\n", prop.major, prop.minor );
        printf( "Clock rate:  %d\n", prop.clockRate );
        printf( "Device copy overlap:  " );
        if (prop.deviceOverlap)
            printf( "Enabled\n" );
            printf( "Disabled\n");
        printf( "Kernel execution timeout :  " );
        if (prop.kernelExecTimeoutEnabled)
            printf( "Enabled\n" );
            printf( "Disabled\n" );
        printf( "   --- Memory Information for device %d ---\n", i );
        printf( "Total global mem:  %ld\n", prop.totalGlobalMem );
        printf( "Total constant Mem:  %ld\n", prop.totalConstMem );
        printf( "Max mem pitch:  %ld\n", prop.memPitch );
        printf( "Texture Alignment:  %ld\n", prop.textureAlignment );
        printf( "   --- MP Information for device %d ---\n", i );
        printf( "Multiprocessor count:  %d\n",
                    prop.multiProcessorCount );
        printf( "Shared mem per mp:  %ld\n", prop.sharedMemPerBlock );
        printf( "Registers per mp:  %d\n", prop.regsPerBlock );
        printf( "Threads in warp:  %d\n", prop.warpSize );
        printf( "Max threads per block:  %d\n",
                    prop.maxThreadsPerBlock );
        printf( "Max thread dimensions:  (%d, %d, %d)\n",
                    prop.maxThreadsDim[0], prop.maxThreadsDim[1],
                    prop.maxThreadsDim[2] );
        printf( "Max grid dimensions:  (%d, %d, %d)\n",
                    prop.maxGridSize[0], prop.maxGridSize[1],
                    prop.maxGridSize[2] );
        printf( "\n" );
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